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Get the tools, insights, strategies and tips to take your life to the next level. Saira Khalids inspirational training style will shift your results, whether it is career, relationships or spiritual. You can be sure that the right Psychology can assist you in achieving the right outcome.

“I highly recommend Saira as a trainer. Especially when it comes to learning more about your psychology…her training courses are designed to get you a result…quick”

Satisfaction guarantee: If you are anything but 100% satisfied with the quality of training, you are entitled to 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Our training workshops

Emotional Mastery Personal and Professional 

Emotional Mastery for Traders

NLP Certification

You can advance your career with the tools of NLP and Coaching to the next level. Whether you are in management or at the entry level of your career you can benefit from leadership skills. At Mind Power Training we hold courses from 1 day to help you accelerate your professional journey. In order to succeed in your professional & personal life you need to plan your success otherwise someone else will plan their success utilizing your services.

Mentoring can increase your personal achievement exponentially. We use techniques ranging from NLP, Mind-body connection, metaphysical healing, and mind power to bring the change your desire and create the life you truly dese

Trading is largely a result of your emotions. We all know the strategies required to win that long or to capture that short. What stops people are innate self-sabotage mechanisms, traps within our psychology.

Saira K has worked on the the cutting edge of Sydney trading floors, managing 7 figure accounts and training people to change their financial future with the markets. The 7 day course is a fast track to understanding your emotions and how it influences trading results, and ultimately your life circumstances. Leading you to ultimately maximise profits and grow your trading business.

Join the event designed to help you release and unlock your inner potential. It doesn’t matter where you are today – NLP has a way to multiply and increase you.

Whether you believe in the power of NLP on your psychology or not, ensure that your trainer is appropriately trained and connects on real world experience.

Our NLP Certification covers the key areas of NLP, by a practitioner who practices what she preaches. You will leave with news networks, an improved mindset and more tools for your life upgrade.

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