Learn highly successful proven strategies

How applying psychology boosts trader profits over 400%

You will need this specific course and coaching if you are already trading in the financial markets, be it Forex, stock market, options and so on. You could be trading any financial instrument with any organization or by yourself, for you this course will produce massive transformation. You will benefit by mastering your emotions to generate higher consistent profits from trading money. Successful traders know that trading is 90% psychology and 10% technical analysis. You do need to know 100% of your techniques yourself as this course is not about teaching you how to trade the markets. This is to teach you how to keep your earnings growing and preserving capital by applying mind power techniques to manage emotions.  The biggest mistake that traders make is that they do no follow their own strategies & get swept away with the market sentiments. 
You will stop innate self-sabotage & traps and avoid the mistakes that 99% of traders make in the financial market. Once we have worked through your money blue print you will gain mastery over your own techniques and apply the principles of success to your profession and as a result feel more confident and successful. This will have a profound effect in every area of your life. Saira has worked on the cutting edge of Sydney trading floor, training & coaching people to change their financial future with the markets by gaining mastery over their mind. The 5-day course is a fast track to understand your emotions and master techniques to succeed in your trading.

The confidence to trade live

You may be on a dummy trading account, playing around just till you have the confidence to hit it live. When you make the jump to live trade that journey may be daunting. This workshop takes you to that first trade.

Leave with a trading plan

You may have made a few mistakes in the past, and placing a trade becomes a scary venture. This is common, and most traders go through this. Whilst this is natural, it is also the core reason traders fail. Even if you do place a trade, the hesitation influences your decisions possibly leading to a failure. This workshop will support you in creating your own trading plan, yourself.

Overcome past failures

Knowing what psychological strategies work for you and what doesn’t is tough. The best way to know is in a group environment, with other traders, a mentor who has been there and done that. Within this environment, with the right questions and exercises, you will know what is right for you. And you will leave with the mindset tools to ensure it is followed.

Time to learn more?

Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls all rookie traders make. So if you haven’t traded more than five years, chances are you’ll experience this mistake. How do you avoid it? And if you have a trading plan. How do you know it is right for your style, and whether you will stick to it. You will learn why Psychology is a sought after degree for traders, and how you can capitilise on this. Also, exercises, and lessons such as goal setting workshops, timeline therapy, and many others to uncover what you want and why you want it.